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Rihanna- a true diva or not?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 by mattj

Rihanna reportedly insisted everything in her trailer had to be black during her latest video shoot.

The singer was shooting the promo for new single ‘What’s My Name’ in New York over the weekend and surprised bosses with her rider, which stated furnishings, towels, robes and candles were all in the dark colour.

A source said ‘Rihanna made very strict demands about her trailer. She was very specific that everything had to be black and the production crew did as they were told.’

Although she may have been demanding on the shoot, Rihanna recently proved she isn’t a diva after she stopped a restaurant manager from banning fans from taking her photograph.

The 22-year-old pop beauty was enjoying a meal out with friends at Ago, in West Hollywood, when two teenage admirers asked if they could pose for a picture with her.

However, the manager reportedly rushed over and scorned: “Fans are not allowed to bother celebrities, so no pictures, please!”

However, Rihanna quickly interrupted the manager and told him to leave them alone.

She said, “These girls are my fans and without them, I’d be nothing. So I’m happy to pose for a photo!”

Afterwards, she happily smiled with the girls and signed napkins for them to take home as keepsakes.

Rihanna - Hard

Facebook is down, Twitter is hacked and Chris_Rowlands won tickets to see Muse… you choose

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 by jamieTurner

For the second time this week, Facebook has gone all silver medal gymnast and fallen over again… just as it’s too late to make any edits to the Facebook film.

Thousands of Farmville cattle have died, millions of birthdays were missed and Stephen Fry finally gets to go to the bathroom. ‘But why’ I hear ‘myself’ ask… there’s countless rumors of tripping over wires, hamsters in the server rooms and possibly a tantrum from ‘Zuk’ over the film’s ending (he didn’t want an ending… just a continuing live feed from a webcam in his bathroom).

So, where else to turn… Twitter is hacked - so now all the Twits have an excuse for the lewd pictures on their history - but still, not the place to play.

Whereas, a certain Chris_Rowlands just won tickets to his favorite band right here on FanShake (cue shameless plug) - but it’s true. So far FanShake has given away more than £250,000 worth of Concert Tickets to amazing music fans who love to win free things. It’s all over here on your contest page… check it out.

So, if Facebook is still down after reading this, but you still want to get an interweb fix then why not get something at the same time, an amazing night seeing one of your favorite bands which you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Enjoy and Good luck!

Eminem is back on top - and reaches 10 million Facebook fans!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010 by mattj

Eminem, Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady. No matter what you call him, the American rapper has just surpassed 10 million fans on Facebook, according to Famecount.

Mathers becomes only the second living musician to have accomplished this feat, behind Lady Gaga, whose recent smashing of the 10 million fan barrier was well publicized and now boasts more than 15 million Facebook fans.

So far, only 4 artists or groups have made it passed the exclusive 10 million Facebook fan mark. Deceased musician Michael Jackson leads the charge with 18.3 million fans, followed by Lady Gaga (15.3 million), and Linkin Park (10.3 million).

Lil Wayne may soon become the clubs newest member, as he now counts a total of 9.7 million fans.

The ranking represents a return to the top of the industry for the reformed star, who confesses in the first single from his most recent album Recovery that his previous album, Relapse, represented less than his best work.

”Eminem’s base of over 10 million Facebook fans is currently growing 4 times as fast as the global Facebook average according to social media monitoring tool,” said Jamie Gavin, Founder and Senior Digital Media Analyst at Jay-G Media. ”This makes him one of the fastest growing Facebook entities in the world. Additionally, the star’s online fan base of 1.3 million Twitter followers and 158,000 YouTube channel subscribers make him the 16th most famous social media entity anywhere in the world on an aggregated basis.”

With his latest single, Love the Way You Lie ‘ a haunting collaboration with fellow Facebook top 10 ranked music star Rihanna, placed firmly at the top of the U.S. singles chart, Eminem’s online popularity looks set to grow even further as he appeals to a whole new generation of music fans.

Like Eminem’s amazing comeback?

‘American Idol’ champ receives hate mail

Monday, August 9th, 2010 by mattj

Fantasia Barrino has been under a self-imposed lockdown after the “American Idol” champ received a hate-filled and threatening letter.

It all started at the Pantages Theater in L.A., when Fantasia was reading her fan mail after a performance of “The Color Purple.”

Fantasia’s manager tells us Barrino became alarmed over a disturbing letter loaded with racial slurs, including the n-word, and a line that read, “go back where you came from and die.”

FanShake has been told that the person who wrote the letter claims he used to work as a security guard for Fox while Fantasia was on “Idol.”

Fantasia’s manager claimed the singer immediately contacted theater security, who then contacted the Los Angeles Police Department.

In the meantime, we’re told the theater has “beefed up” security around Fantasia, and all over the venue, and guards will be screening anything sent to Barrino’s dressing room before it gets to her.

Fantasia tells TMZ, “I will not be defeated by one isolated person’s hatred.”

Like when stars stand up for themselves?

Exclusive interview: Fans love Amanda Palmer’s ‘Creep’ cover

Friday, July 23rd, 2010 by mattj

The lead singer and pianist of the “punk-cabaret” duo Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, has been making headlines with her recent YouTube rendition of the popular Radiohead song, ‘Creep,’ which she performs on the ukelele.

In one 3-minute period, the songstress had sold nearly $15,000 in online music and merchandise purchases, along with 4,000 digital EPs, vinyls, and just about everything else that was for sale on her website.

An interview was recently held with “the man behind the music,” Sean Francis, regarding Palmer’s new-found popularity and the way her fans helped get her cover over 140,000 views on YouTube. Listen to the ‘Creep’ cover, and read some extracts from the interview below!

Congratulations on the release! Is it true that you guys did it entirely independently?

Thanks, and that’s correct – no label, and no manager for the most part. This project has been handled by four people: Amanda, myself, Beth [Hommel], and Hayley [Rosenblum] – interfacing with various artists and professionals (like the producer) when and where necessary.

Are you happy with the way the release has gone thus far?

We couldn’t be happier. We hoped for far less than what’s happened, braced for the worst, and were floored by how wonderful it’s turned out. We’ve said that this is an experiment from day one, but to see such positive response from the fans, and to have so many people tell us that we’re doing things right? It’s hard for gross earnings to trump knowing we made the fans happy, but being able to see both of those elements walking happily hand-in-hand is GREAT.

So you think you’ll do better by selling this release directly to your fans first, as opposed to selling through iTunes or Amazon from the very start?

It’s nice to see a check roll in from those places, but in-between shuffling off a (large) percentage of revenue just for being on there, and the fact it would’ve been weeks (if not months) ’til we would’ve seen a dime…I don’t think we’ll make more money this way, I know we will, and I know we did. In six hours.

You decided to let your fans name their price on the digital EP, with the minimum set to 84 cents (representing the amount owed to Radiohead for playing their music, plus payment processing fees). How’d that work out? Are fans paying more than the minimum?

Part of the reasoning behind doing the release that way was that we wanted to lend some transparency to the system by which an artist (in this case Radiohead) receives a royalty check. We were urged by numerous parties to set our minimum donation to a higher price point – and I don’t think anyone would’ve been turned off had we set it to $3 or $5 – but we saw that people were more than happy to not only pay for the music, but pay extra for it: downloads are averaging around $5, and one generous comedian even paid $100.84.

What’s next for Amanda?

What’s literally next for Amanda is preparation for Cabaret – she won’t be doing any real touring on this EP, but will be performing with some longtime collaborators (virtuoso pianist Lance Horne, her high school drama teacher Steven Bogart, and Danger Ensemble impresario Steven Mitchell Wright) at the A.R.T. through September and October in Cambridge, Mass. After that? Well, we’ve told the fans to keep Halloween clear. Amanda may or may not have some obligations somewhere on the east coast to conjure up some friendly ghosts from the past and do a really special show. Maybe.

Read the rest of the interview here, and let us know what you think about Amanda’s cover!

Gotta “like” anyone who can play the ukelele, right?

Justin Bieber dethrones Lady Gaga as #1 on YouTube

Monday, July 19th, 2010 by mattj

The Lady has been replaced as the ruler of YouTube.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is now officially the most watched video on YouTube, claiming the title from Lady Gaga. As of Monday morning (19 July), the 16-year old’s video for ‘Baby’ racked up over 250 million hits, relegating Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to second place with 247.5 million.

Bieber was himself discovered on the video sharing site two years ago, when he was only 14, making his victory all the more sweet.

He thanked fans via his Facebook page. “I started on YouTube so what is taking place with this video…im [sic] kinda…well…dreams come true,” Bieber wrote.

However, while Bieber might be the newly crowned prince of YouTube, Lady Gaga is still far ahead in the Facebook game. The ‘Alejandro’ diva has more than 12.8 million fans on the social networking site, while Bieber has only 7.6 million.

Watch both of the chart-topping videos below, and let us know which one you like more!

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